Clarke International - Returns and Collection Request

The collection service we offer is an enhancement to our sales and after-sales service and does not form part of our warranty obligations, and can be withdrawn at any time. You must read and agree to the Conditions of Collection as they contain important information about charges that may be made by us.

Some examples of the conditions are: All fuels, oils and other liquids must be removed prior to collection as they are not permitted. All costs arising from any spillage, accident or damage to all goods affected (own or otherwise) are payable by the sender or party requesting the service from us. This means you must remove all oils, fuels and other liquids.

Goods or consignments must not be palletised without our prior consent as pallets are generally excluded from the collection service. All costs arising from the sending of unauthorised pallets are chargeable. See the Full Conditions of Collection here

Returns Label
If you have not received a unique pre-addressed returns label in the post then you may print and use this basic returns label

Please enter your details below. This information is collected and recorded in accordance with Data Protection regulations (General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679), for full details please see our privacy policy.

Important: You Must Obtain a Receipt From The Driver

The Goods must be ready for collection before you submit this form. Collection may be from today onwards.

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Helpline: 020 8988 7412 during normal business hours.

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