Clarke Safe Registration Form

Registration is a simple process that allows us to keep basic information securely on file to help prove and verify the lawful owner or keeper of a Safe when security data or technical assistance is requested. If a Safe and the user (lawful owner or keeper) has not been registered then enhanced product support is not available. For example, combination numbers and key numbers will not be disclosed to the unregistered owner or keeper, and "Home" support is not an option that can be considered.

You may use the form below to register your Clarke Safe product. Please note that Registrations made after seven days of purchase date may be chargeable and you may be asked to pay the basic Registration fee before we proceed. All applications for Registration must be accompanied by a receipt number or invoice.

Please enter your details below. This information is collected and recorded in accordance with Data Protection regulations (General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679), for full details please see our privacy policy.

Safe Registration Form

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